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Hi I am Rahul Verma, the founder of TechySeizer.in

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Friends, my name is Rahul Verma, I am from Indore, if I talk about my education, then I am doing BSC (Bachelor of Science) right now, this year is my final year with maths.
Friends, I have been interested in technology since childhood, I love to know about it and explain it to others better.

Although some people may be thinking that I am doing BSC, how did I come in this field, friends whatever you are doing you are studying anything, it does not matter if you are interested in learning something new, then you can go far ahead in any field.

So I thought that what I like why not to pursue the same work then I set up this blog from this blog, I tell you many things related to technology that you may have thought about but you will not know the answer.

This blog gives you information in your language in Hindi so that you have easy reading, just stay connected with this blog, we will continue to give you such good information.

CREATED – 30-4-2020

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Hello friends, I am "Rahul" Author & Founder of TechySeizer.in. If I Talking about my education I am in BSC 3rd year. I love knowing things related to technology and teaching others. Just keep supporting our content, we will keep giving you new information :)